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Imperial County Sheriff Information

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing progressive, innovative law enforcement services to the citizens of the county. The head of the ICSO is Sheriff-Coroner-Marshal Raymond Loera. You can get in touch with him directly at 442-265-2005. His second-in-command is Undersheriff Federico Miramontes. His direct line is 442-265-2002. The Chief Deputy of Operations is Scott Sheppeard and can be reached at (442) 265-2003. The Chief Deputy of Corrections is Jamie Clayton and can be reached at (442) 265-2222. The department is comprised of several divisions such as Corrections, Support Services, and Operations. The Operations Division can be further divided into several units such as Patrol, Investigations, and Specialized Units.

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Address:
328 Applestill Road, El Centro, CA 92243

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Phone:
(442) 265-2000

Imperial County Sheriff

Imperial County is part of the Southern California border region, specifically in the Imperial Valley which borders both Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja California. The county seat and largest city in the area is El Centro. There are 174,528 people residing in the county based on the 2010 census. The total area of the county measures 4,482 square miles.

2018 Violent Crime Rate Imperial: 311
Data Source: Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program

Imperial County Jail Information

The Corrections Division of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office operates two jails – the Herbert Hughes Correctional Correction Center (HHCC) and the Regional Adult Detention Facility (RADF). The HHCC houses male and female county and federal inmates who are either waiting for their court date or who have been sentenced. The facility consists of six dormitory housing units with a total bed space of 314 beds. The RADF also houses sentenced and non-sentenced federal and county male and female inmates. It consists of 12 housing units with a total bed space of 288 beds. The visitation schedule is as follows:

Module “A”
Tues/Mar: 7pm/8pm
Thurs/Juev: 9am

Module “G”
Mon/Lun: 1pm
Wed/Mier: 9am/1pm
Sun/Dom: 9am/2pm

Module “B” and Female Med Ward
Mon/Lun: 9am/10am
Wed/Mier: 8pm
Sun/Dom: 1pm

Module “H”
Mon/Lun: 12pm
Sat/Sab: 2pm
Sun/Dom: 10am

Module “C” and Male Med. Ward
Mon/Lun: 11am
Wed/Mier: 6pm
Sun/Dom: 11am/7pm

Module “I”
Wed/Mier: 10am/9pm
Thurs/Juev: 1pm
Sat/Sab: 11am/7pm

Module “D”
Tues/Mar: 10am/1pm
Thurs/Juev: 11am/7pm
Fri/Vier: 9am/8pm
Sat/Sab: 10am

Module “J”
Thurs/Juev: 9pm
Sat/Sab: 12pm/1pm
Sun/Dom: 12pm

Module “E”
Wed/Mier: 11am/7pm
Sat/Sab: 8am/6pm
Sun/Dom: 8am/6pm

Module “K”
Tues/Mar: 9am
Sat/Sab: 9am/9pm

Module “F”
Tue/Mar: 11am
Fri/Vier: 10am/9pm
Sat/Sab: 8pm

Module “L”
Fri/Vier: 8am/7pm
Sun/Dom: 8pm/9pm

Inmate Records Check

Arrests, Mugshot, Bookings & More

If you wish to locate an inmate currently detained in either of these facilities, you can call Inmate Information at (442) 265-2220. You can also search for an inmate through VINELink.

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Inmate Records Check

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