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Kern County Sheriff Information

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to ensuring that the county remains a safe environment for people to live and work in. It is headed by Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator Donny Youngblood. The Undersheriff of the KCSO is Brian Wheeler. He reports directly to the Sheriff and is responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire department. The KCSO is comprised of several bureaus which are Support Services, Detentions, Law Enforcement, and Investigations. The Investigations Bureau is headed by Chief Deputy Damian Nord while Chief Deputy Douglas Jauch heads the Law Enforcement Bureau. The Detentions Bureau is under the supervision of Chief Deputy Tyson Davis. The Support Services Bureau is headed by Chief Deputy Larry McCurtain.

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Address:
1350 Norris Road, Bakersfield, CA 93308-2231

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Phone:
(661) 391-7500

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Fax:
(661) 391-7515

Kern County Sheriff

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office operates several substations in various areas of the county. These are staffed with Sheriff Deputies who provide the communities law enforcement services and ensure the safety of their environment. The head of the Substation Division is Commander James Morrison. You can reach him directly at (661) 391-7413 or via email at

Buttonwillow Substation Address:
181 East First, Buttonwillow, CA

Buttonwillow Substation Phone:
(661) 764-5613

Delano Substation Address:
455 Lexington St., Delano, CA. 93215

Delano Substation Phone:
(661) 721-3800

Frazier Park Substation Address:
617 Monterey Trail – Suite C, Frazier Park, CA. 93225

Frazier Park Substation Phone:
(661) 245-3440

Glenville Substation Phone:

Kern Valley Substation Address:
7046 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Kern Valley Substation Phone:
(760) 549-2100

Walker Substation Address:
14654 Caliente Creek Road Walker, Basin, CA 93518

Walker Substation Phone:
(661) 861-3110

Lamont Substation Address:
12022 Main St., Lamont, CA. 93241

Lamont Substation Phone:
(661) 868-5750

Mojave Substation Address:
1771 Highway 58, Mojave, CA. 93501

Mojave Substation Phone:
(661) 824-7130

Boron Substation Address:
26949 Cote Street, Boron, CA. 93516

Boron Substation Phone:
(760) 762-6666

Ridgecrest Substation Address:
128 E. Coso Ave., Ridgecrest, CA. 93555

Ridgecrest Substation Phone:
(760) 384-5800

Rosamond Substation Address:
3179 35th Street, West Rosamond, CA. 93560

Rosamond Substation Phone:
(661) 256-9700

Tehachapi Substation Address:
22209 Old Town Rd., Tehachapi, CA 93581

Tehachapi Substation Phone:
(661) 823-6060

Wasco City Substation Address:
748 F St., Wasco, CA. 93215

Wasco City Substation Phone:
(661) 758-7266

Kern County is located in the southern region of Central Valley. It has a population of 839,631 based on the 2010 census. Its county seat and largest city is Bakersfield. The total area of the county measures 8,163 square miles.

2018 Violent Crime Rate Kern: 555
Data Source: Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program

Kern County Jail Information

The Detentions Bureau of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office operates several jails and prisons. All of these facilities have an average daily inmate population of approximately 2,500 inmates combined. There are around 40,000 new arrests received by the bureau per year. The primary inmate reception center is the Central Receiving Facility which receives inmates arrested in Bakersfield. The Lerdo Complex can be divided into several facilities. The Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility and the Lerdo Justice Facility both house inmates of higher security levels. The Lerdo Max/Med Security Facility houses Federal and State Contract inmates. The Mojave Jail receives inmates arrested in the Mojave area as well as inmates pending release or transfer into Bakersfield. The Ridgecrest Jail receives inmates arrested in the Ridgecrest area as well as inmates pending release or transfer into Bakersfield.

Kern Detentions Bureau

Central Receiving Facility Phone:

(661) 868-6850

Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility Phone:
(661) 391-7900

Lerdo Justice Facility Phone:
(661) 391-3100

Lerdo Max/Med Security Facility Phone:
(661) 391-7856

Mojave Jail Phone:
(661) 824-7147

Ridgecrest Jail Phone:
(760) 384-5855

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office maintains an online database of all inmates currently detained in one of their facilities. You can search this database for information on an inmate using the Inmate Number or their name. The information shown online includes the inmate’s complete name, inmate number, date of birth, location, arrest data and time, total bail amount, next hearing date, anticipated release date, and booking information.

Inmate Records Check

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Inmate Records Check

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